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February 05, 2023, 09:58:31 pm
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My not so fancy a photo taking technique !

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Author Topic: My not so fancy a photo taking technique !  (Read 657 times)
Peter Bentley 彭达理
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« on: April 13, 2011, 08:48:13 am »

Hi  All

I have been struggling  with this   problem for  2  years.....

Just  when I  think  I have perfected  a technique  with one  test bottle  ( minimal   reflections / all parts  of the  bottle   bright and  clear  / colors   correct  similar to naked  eye )    I try  another bottle and  whole  new  set of problems    arise.  However, I think  I'm  90%  of the  way there  now,  using the  arrangement  in the   pics  attached.  The  top light is a professional  "5000 deg C"     white  light   source  box   and  I have a second  such  identical  light  source ( not  shown in the  pics) which  I hold   just  above the camera lens to  provide  front light ,  adjusting the   front light   postion to  mimise  reflections  in the  bottle face.  The background is a   graded   white  to  black  sheet of paper .  But for   dark bottles   the  bottle MUST  be  placed a  pure mat black  base .  ( I  even had to   black out the   aluminium  rim of the   camera  lens   and the   white  Nikon logo  because  I could see their  reflections in the  bottle !  And I must  wear  dark clothes  as I stand behind the camera  otherwise I can see my own  reflection ! )   

More  on this  anon......... Undecided
Tips and    advice  VERY welcome  ! 

Cheers  Peter  @  HK

* Photo Box + Camera with light ON .JPG (105.24 KB, 480x640 - viewed 31 times.)

* Complete set up ( except no front light) .jpg (101.86 KB, 480x640 - viewed 32 times.)
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