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This snuff bottle community forum is dedicated to the novice, more experienced, and expert collectors. Topics are intended to cover all aspects and types of bottle collecting. To include trials, tribulations, identifying, researching, and much more.

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Forum Bottle in the Spotlight

Charll shared this beautiful Xianfeng (1851-1861) dated bottle depicting NeZha combating the Dragon King amongst a rolling sea of blue and eight mythical sea creatures.

Chinese Snuff Bottle Discussion Forum 中國鼻煙壺討論論壇
March 26, 2023, 05:26:55 pm
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Hello from France

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Author Topic: Hello from France  (Read 631 times)
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« Reply #20 on: April 20, 2022, 07:32:32 am »

Thomas, a really impressive collection for a new collector. Several of my first bottles were plastic....John
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John O'Hara

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« Reply #21 on: April 20, 2022, 10:02:12 am »


As others have already said, I too am impressed at the quality of these bottles. Congratulations!
It is hard to believe that you have only been colecting for a year.

I too like plain stone bottles. All of these are very "desirable"....!

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Hooked since 1971

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« Reply #22 on: April 21, 2022, 03:51:09 pm »

Hello guys,

@Bob, @Charl, @John, @À M, thank you for your messages that make me happy.

thank you.
I started Chinese art 3 years ago, I learned by buying a lot and making mistakes, my problem is that I like everything so I had porcelains, bronzes, jades, paintings, carvings or wooden objects… Fortunately, I resell what I don't like or if, on the contrary, the object is expensive.
I keep interesting objects for myself but not overpriced because I don't have a big income so I can't accumulate many treasures.
My number one area today is bronzes, Buddhas and Chinese deities and those of the Himalayas in general. I am not an expert or even a great connoisseur just an informed amateur (sometimes).

My eye was therefore exercised on a lot of quality objects... or not. I therefore arrive in the field of snuffboxes with some basics concerning “quality”. Nevertheless I haven't taken many risks until now because as you can see they are very simple bottles and that I bought at prices that I find reasonable, I would not have taken the risk of spending large sums and I had never bought an overlay before. Concerning the porcelain ones even if I know a little the field, they are often sold expensive.
I wrote until now because I just bought 10 days ago a lot of about 20 snuffboxes (overlay, stones and glass)… I haven't seen them in real life, not manipulated, I think that there will be a lot of mistakes! I will ask the opinion of the community when I receive them.

I also made mistakes on the snuffboxes, I bought a set of 3 glasses on  auctions in France and when I picked up the lot I saw that they were zero (lol).

Another "error" I bought a bottle described as embellished jade, the embellishment was not great but the white jade was immaculate, beautiful color, when I received the bottle it was light,nice stopper, but it was glass in imitation of jade so I returned the object.

For the double gourd, I love the shape, it dates around 1930? it was on sale for a long time, that's true. I seem to remember having paid 70 euros for it directly with the seller so even if modern It is ok.

Thanks Joey,
I made the remark to myself after answering, So I wish you a good end of celebration tomorrow.
Regarding the jade, I will post some photos to get your opinion. The guy that's why I wrote pro but not a pro in snuffboxes. I think he didn't want to commit to an old period so for safety he sells it as contemporary. It is relatively well hollowed out and the walls are not very thick, I can clearly see the shadow of my fingers through it, but the inside is a little rough I think.

i use google translate so my messages are not perfect sorry.
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« Reply #23 on: April 21, 2022, 10:53:59 pm »

Dear Thomas,

Your way of collecting is safe and worth passing down to future collectors.
All of us seems to make a lot of mistakes till finding the one really good Snuff Bottle.

The attraction of a good bottle has kept all of us here in the forum still collecting despite the earlier mistakes.
I am currently in a state of slowing down the buying and thinking of selling those mistakes.

Have fun and the best of luck for these new batch that is arriving. Unboxing can be quite nerve wreaking.

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