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March 24, 2023, 03:48:54 am
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Total screw up of VPN and email into China

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Author Topic: Total screw up of VPN and email into China  (Read 372 times)
Peter Bentley 彭达理
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« on: February 21, 2020, 06:50:16 am »

Hello  again All

My apologies  if I  rocked the  boat  prematurely,  but  I discovered  this morning  that  about    all incoming  emails  to my  hotmail   address  have  been  delivered  to my  DELETED   folder  instead of  my  IN BOX   and that  this has been  going  on for  over  2 weeks !

I have  simply  NO  explanation  for  this.  It  may be  MSN/  hotmail's  fault,  or it  might  be  some  glitch  in the  Chinese    internet system,   or it might be  because  my  China  VPN  has  been  abnormal  since  about  14  Feb   and so I had to change   VPN  system

All Geoff's  yahoo   test emails   were  there  in my  DELETED  folder as were a  load  of  test emails  I had sent myself  in the  past  week or  so .

So  abject  apologies  if  I    have inadvertently  "cried   wolf"

The   good news  is that   it seems  the  local  lock-down    at our  second  home  in China will finish  this weekend  so we can  get  back to  HK  next week  (where  we  will have  to endure  another  2 weeks  home  quarantine, after  almost  one month  home  quarantine  in China)

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh !

The   funny thing  is that  because of the   lock-down  I have  overstayed  my  30-day  visa   so  today  I and my wife  went to the  local  police  station  to  ask  what to  do  (because  theoretically  one  can  get  a  visa  extension  locally  in China)

The  local police  were  completely  miffed    because   they had  never  had to  deal  with a  case like  this   before !

Eventually  after  2  hours  waiting, the  police  official  came  back  with   a  slip  which  extended  my  visa  for  one  month  and at the same  time  registered  me  locally   (because  technically   anyone  who  does  not stay  at a hotel in China  is required to  register  with the  local  police  on arrival  in China,  but  of course I never  did  so before )

So yours  truly  has the   doubtful  privilege  of  being the  first  ever  Lao  Wai  to  register  in  our  little  township !

As  usual  in China    "expect the  unexpected !"    Grin Grin Grin


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