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Title: D.D Art: A Contemporary Snuff bottle website, by Xu Liwei ( 許立緯 )
Post by: David Chen on June 09, 2021, 02:53:48 am
Hello Everyone!

We are D.D Art. It’s our pleasure to humbly announce our online snuff bottle website is finally done! We will be appreciated by your any advice and encouragement. Let's subscribe !

On the website, we weekly share the professional journals emphasized Contemporary Inside painting and Enameled glass. Here, we only sell the high-end collection. Most of the artworks are directly obtained from the artists. Whereas the minority of the pieces are from the auctions. D.D Art will only sell authentic works. All of the items sold by us will be given an authentic certification issued by D.D Art. Our certificated buyers can sell back the item or consign us to find the potential buyer.

D.D Art is founded by Xu Liwei, an outstanding Taiwanese disciple under Wang Xisan. In Taiwan, we have a local private snuff bottle store, “Yihuzhai” snuff bottle studio. However, the name of “Yihuzhai” was inherited from his teacher, Wang Xisan who is the greatest snuff bottle master in modern times. Our private store has been interviewed by many major media in both China and Taiwan, such as Hangzhou TVStation, United Daily News, and so on.

In the end, If you have any questions about the snuff bottle, we are more than happy to interact with you with our humble opinion. Your question might be selected as our weekly topic. Just comment below the article!

Also please don't hesitate to interact with any latest knowledge on the snuff bottle here or email. We will be happy to discuss this beautiful art form! We believe the more people discuss this art form, the more people will find how beautiful this art is.