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Title: Two spotted horses
Post by: Fiveroosters aka clayandbrush on May 05, 2018, 10:56:06 am
Dear all,
five days with no posts, thatís not good!
Let me brake the silence with this b&w bottle, decorated with two spotted horses crouched under a pine tree.
I take the opportunity to inform who may be interested, of the existence of a freeware program that can assemble the pictures in a single panorama one.
The software, as said, is completely free and its name is Hugin. You will find it easily on the net.
I think that, for optimum results, it needs some skill, or at least to read the tutorial.
I did not read the tutorial, I just took details of the same size of the bottle and ask the software to make a panorama.
I see that it is not possible to make a panorama of the whole bottle, it must be because of the neck.
And I see that the panorama is not perfect, but I think that, after knowing how to properly manage it, the result should be perfect.
For example, I see that the software made an automatic compensation of the exposition, so to have a uniform background.
If you simply join two pictures, you will see the joining line because of the back white, that is not uniform at the center and at the edges of each image. That has been corrected by the software.
Kind regards

Title: Re: Two spotted horses
Post by: Rube on May 06, 2018, 07:12:39 am
Thanks for breaking the silence by informing us about this software which yields such nice results!  And thanks also for posting this pretty bottle, perfectly timed to coincide with the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby.


Title: Re: Two spotted horses
Post by: Wattana on May 06, 2018, 07:17:02 am
Dear Giovanni,
Thank you for breaking the silence! I do read the forum posts regularly, although I have been distracted by work and other events, so have not contributed any comments for a long time.
And thank you also for informing us of this free panorama software. It looks not too difficult to use. I will try it out.
Best regards,

PS: It seems that while I was writing this Rube was also replying...!

Title: Re: Two spotted horses
Post by: Luke on May 06, 2018, 08:55:27 am
Dear Giovanni,

Yes the neck I guess would be impossible to do as the surface area is of course less than the main area of the bottle. These cylindrical bottles are easier to do than most bottles because they are the same surface area all the way round. Very nice result result you got there though! Love the style of the painting too...  ;D

Hope you guys donít mind me posting my own attempt of one my old bottles. Iíve posted this bottle on the forum before - I was also unable to do the neck area. Also, mine was done using Photoshop (I use the software everyday in the course of my job.) Not a bad result but not perfect either...

Would love to see more examples of these panoramas!

Cheers guys,

Title: Re: Two spotted horses
Post by: OIB on May 27, 2018, 08:30:13 am
Dear all,

I Thought it would be better to be late than never. even though it is 3 weeks now since Giovanni posted his blue/white bottle, I want to say I am still excited to read his and other posts. I will post some new acquisitions of mine in a moment.

Giovanni, thanks for the lead about Hugin. I will look for it and try my hand on it. I always remember Yee Pin's seamless pictures he posted sometime ago.

Inn Bok