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March 18, 2019, 08:23:59 am
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Mu Peng?

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Author Topic: Mu Peng?  (Read 590 times)
Peter Bentley 彭达理
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« Reply #20 on: March 04, 2018, 10:38:17 pm »

Hi  Rube,

Mu Peng is the  pen name  of  Guo Chunxiang.

He  is  most well  known for  his  calligraphy   bottles   (you  can find  several  wonderful  examples  on Bill  Patrick's  site)

But  he  also  did  indeed  paint a  series  of  bottles   like  yours  with   Chinese vases, urns  , censers  ( not  censors  Grin  )  and I have  a  lot  of  examples  those bottles  in my data  base.

I  cannot  find  Mo Shi  in my data  base

So, based  on the   facts  you  report:

1. Bottle  painted  in  1972
2. Bottle  bought in China  over 20 years  ago

also the  fact that :

3. Mo Shi  sounds  like a  pen name -not a  real  name

I'm guessing  that  Mo  Shi  was a  student   artist  in the  early  part  of the  Modern  era  who  used the name  Mo Shi  on his  student / practice  bottles,    because  those    vase/ urn/ censer  type  bottles  are a  very common  theme on  VMIPBs, especially for  students   because  they  are relatively  easy  to paint   using  a  book  as  the  master from which to  copy ( sort
 of "still  life" )    and there's plenty  of space  to  write  some  practice  wide-spaced   calligraphy .

The   key  question  is  therefore  whether  "Mo  Shi"  was   temporary  student  name  of a  more  well-known  artist  who went  on to  greater  fame  later and  started  using his  real name,  OR  whether  "Mo Shi"   dropped  out   of  IPB  painting  and  vanished.

Certainly  I can't  find  his name  in my data  base. Usually  - but  by no means  always -  when  a  famous   artist  used another  name  name (some used several pen names at different  stages  of their  careers) I  have been  able to  trace  all the  names to the same  artists and  and thus include  all the   cross-references  in my  data  base.

However,    very much   doubt if this  bottle  was  painted  by a  student  of  Mu Peng  if it was  bought  20 years  ago because Mu Peng  was  born  in  1976 ,  so the  earliest  he  would  have been  mature  enough  to take  on his  own students  would  be  at age  40 -ish  =  which  would be  about   now.

Anyway - that's my  2  cents  worth.



PS:  Buy a  copy of  DB  - it  will  help  you a  lot  with your research  on VMIPBs !   Smiley

* CC Guo Chunxiang = Mu Peng Bio @ CIPMA ( page 194) .jpg (68.15 KB, 768x871 - viewed 26 times.)
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« Reply #21 on: March 04, 2018, 11:25:40 pm »

Thanks Peter for digging into the DB !

Dear Rube,

In the bottle, the two  chineses characters indicating the year painted could be 壬子 ( 1972)or if the artist's
brush stroke were a bit off, 壬午(2002)。If it is 2002, then Mo Shi could possibly be a student painter of Mu Peng going by Peter's reasoning  Cheesy Cheesy.

My speculation.

Inn Bok
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« Reply #22 on: March 05, 2018, 04:41:21 pm »

According to the painting style and shape of the bottle, the bottle should be painted in 2002 instead of 1972. Its well painted, but it could be a student bottle at that time.


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« Reply #23 on: March 06, 2018, 11:02:42 am »

Inn Bok, Peter, and Steven,

I agree with you guys that it's more likely 2002.

Thanks for your feedback,

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Rube, 4th Generation Collector

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