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December 12, 2018, 10:26:40 am
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Help with artists please.

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Author Topic: Help with artists please.  (Read 371 times)
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« Reply #20 on: June 23, 2017, 06:24:02 am »

Dear Adrian,

    I'm at the stage that any time I get a good bottle at a fair price, I consider it a lucky break... Roll Eyes Grin

    It is so easy today to overpay, or to buy fakes, that you thought were genuine, that getting the genuine article for below top market value, is a plus in my book.

   Let's take the Xue Chengcai I bought from the late Robert Kleiner. I paid him about US$1,200 for it as a bottle from ca.1945-1948 (I understood that the artist had died in 1948, but Robert must have had wrong information), whereas I paid Robert almost US$4,000 for the box of 10 Cultural Revolution bottles he'd bought from the Michael Kaynes-Klitz Collection sale.

   If I'd known it was also CR period (ca.1966-1976), I'd not have 'splurged' and paid over 3 times the price of what I considered a CR subject and period bottle worth to me.

  But now I know that CR bottles are worth more than I thought they were; in fact, while looking to see if I had a 'Kaynes' Society SB Review that Pat mentioned, I found a volume from 1972, with a section with a sales catalogue from Y. F. Yang, celebrating his first nine years in HK as a dealer (June 1962-June 1971), and it had CR theme bottles for sale DURING the CR! And CR bottles by Liu Shouben were
US$240 to US$420. Shandong and other lesser artists' bottles from Beijing/Hebei, were  US$70-90.

  Incidentally, a Chen Chuan in a square quartz bottle was US$400 in 1971. I bought a Gan Xuanwen in the same type of bottle in July 1981 in London at Sotheby's, for 1/4 the price, but admittedly that was with the advice of the late Eunice Cameron of blessed memory.  2 Ma Shaoxuans were on offer for US$481 each. Wang Xisan works, signature and seal; signed 'One Bottle Studio' but with his seal; no signature or seal, but described by Y.F. as by him; were available for prices from US$500 down to US$300.

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Joey Silver, collecting snuff bottles since Feb.1970

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