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May 27, 2018, 12:10:54 am
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Exotic Bird Photography / David Osborne Snuff Bottle Club

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Author Topic: Exotic Bird Photography / David Osborne Snuff Bottle Club  (Read 78 times)
Peter Bentley 彭达理
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« on: November 10, 2015, 07:12:03 am »

Hi All

David  Osborne  just  posted  this  info  out to  all on his  Snuff Bottle  Club  membership  list


Here is the address of a web site that has been created by one of our Members, Marc Sontag, Among the pictures, on the second page, you will see a lovely Dragonfly bottle by Suo Zhen Hai.


The  weblink  url  does  not  work  properly   but if  you  delete the  last  bit  ... /Snuff-Bottles....  you can get  onto the  site

Or  just google  it

BTW:  David  Osborne   still offers  amazing  VMIPBs  - mostly  by a  limited  number  of  artists,  ( but  Suo Zhenhai is  among them, as  is  Pan Jiafang = Zhenyu ) at  ridiculously   low   auction  reserve  prices

His weekly  auction  system is  unique  :  the  winner  at the  close  of  bidding each week  pays the  price bid  by the   second highest  bidder  plus  US$0.50 .

 To  explain  better  -  suppose there's a bottle  on auction you  really want :  just bid  US$1 million !   That automatically   gets  you  No 1 and wins

If the  other   bidders  are  (in order )

No  2 US$ 300
No  3 US$ 280
No 4 US$ 150


you   only  pay  US$ 300.50      ( !!!!)

 His  email  is 

If  anyone  wants to  build  up a   good  collection  of  VMIPBs   painted  in the   2000s,  you  cannot  do better  than  join David's  auctions, as well  as  check  Bill  Patrick's  website for the  bottles  he    currently has  on  direct*  sale  - fixed price  <>

*sometimes  Bill also  offers  bottles  on e-bay, in which case - I  assume  -   the   auction / sale  is subject to  e-bay rules , whatever  they  are (I personally  never  buy on e-bay) . 

I cannot  (repeat :  cannot  and  do not )  speak for  Bill,  but  if there's a bottle  on his  website that  is  not  listed  for sale but  which  you  really like,    you  can  at least  approach Bill  directly and   ask  if  he would  be  willing to  sell it,  and if  so  at what price.

He  may  or may not  agree.  But  at the  very  least,  he  could  probably  arrange  for a  re-paint  of that bottle  because  many   of the artists  whose  works  he  has  collected   are  either  students  of  Li Shouxun  or  else  are  close friends  of  Li Shouxun , and  so  it's    maybe  possible to liaise  directly  with the  artists  via  Bill .

At an  early  stage  of my  collecting  I    corresponded   almost daily with  Bill and he  taught me  all  I know, besides  introducing me  to  many of the    top artists  in Hensghui.  Once  Bill  knew that  I love  (only)  Chinese  landscapes  he  offered me  several of  his  best  Chinese  landscape  bottles at very  fair  prices, which I bought. 

I hope that these  snippets  of info  are  useful  for  new  collectors.


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