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March 21, 2019, 06:57:15 pm
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The origin of the names of the 5 Modern Schools of Inside Painting

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Author Topic: The origin of the names of the 5 Modern Schools of Inside Painting  (Read 932 times)
Pat - 查尚杰
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Zha Shang Jie 查尚杰

« Reply #20 on: June 18, 2015, 09:47:11 pm »

Great info.  Thanks Inn Bok!  Any idea on the pen name(s) she is using? 
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Best Regards

Zha Shang Jie
Peter Bentley 彭达理
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« Reply #21 on: June 19, 2015, 05:17:32 am »

Hi All

Time  to  get  back into the  Forum....  apologies  for  my  long absence !

Technically  this  should  be the   6th  School  because the  Qin School (  Xian  /  Zhang Tieshan)  is the official  5th  School, as  outlined  in my   2014  presentation  to the  ICSBS.

Last year  I  stumbled  across Ms  Sun Hong Yan ( 孙鸿雁 ) because   she  is  featured  at the   tail end  of  a  very recent  book  of  VMIPB  "Master Artists"  (published  by  CA Design  :   2013 /2014?)   which  was  obviously  sponsored  by  Zhang  Guangqing  and the  Lu  School. 

I have  this  book  but  I have  not  yet  scanned  it  and  added to  my  DB

( Strangely -  in the  English  version  of  her  bio  in the  book  she  was  referred  to as   a  "he" !  I  took a  double  take  of the  photo  and  asked  CA  Design if  this  attractive  lady   artist  was  really a  "he"  and  was  relieved to  find  it  was a  mis-print )

Ms  Song  has  a  very  individualistic  style .  Rather  like  Liu Yizi .   Personally,  I  am not  too keen  on  it ,  but  I feel  it  could  grow  on me.

I have a  scanned  copy  of  her  latest  brochure  (2014)  which  I can  email  at  high-res  to anyone who is   interested

In fact  Ms  Song  joined the   2014  ICSBS  Convention  in HK  as  an  artist-exhibitor  and  that's where  I  first met  her in person (and  thus got  her  latest  brochure  and name card) .  She  had  several bottles  on  display  -  some  of  which were   those  illustrated in the  Lu  School   book  (or   repeat  versions  thereof) .

I  tentatively asked  about  one landscape   bottle  which  I   was  interested  in  and  she  said  "20,000"
I asked  "Do you mean  HK$20,000  or  RMB 20,000 ?" 

 She  replied  "US$20,000"  ..... ! 

End of  conversation!!!



PS:  As  far as  I know  Ms  Sun has  no  pen name

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« Reply #22 on: June 19, 2015, 07:52:47 am »

Dear Inn Bok & George,
    Thank you both.
Shabbat Shalom,
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Joey Silver, collecting snuff bottles since Feb.1970

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